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The ribbon corset April 3, 2010

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I first made this corset a few years back and now I want to revisit it. Here is the original:

This was a fairly tricky corset to make, the panels between the pinstripe fabric are actually 2″ wide ribbons. You can see a tiny gap between the ribbons at the front, about a third of the way down the corset.

I want to have another go at this pattern and try give it some more shape, it wont be easy but I think it is doable. The ribbon allows skin to breathe better and makes for a more comfortable corset in warm weather.


Woohoo, Here is the 14 panel underbust corset as promised! March 27, 2010

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14 panel steel boned underbust tight lacing corsetI have had it ready for a while and finally managed to do some photographs. Let me know what you think of it!


Next pattern on the list, a 14 panel underbust corset! December 22, 2009

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I went for historical recreation last time, with a bit of modernisation. The human body has changed a bit in the past century.

The next project will be my own creation, a 14 panel underbust instead of the usual 10 panels used in most tight lacing corsets.

I found a few historic 12 panel and 14 panel patterns but I couldn’t find any that would suit what I wanted to do, so I am going to have to start from scratch. I prefer starting from the beginning anyway, when I make my own pattern I know exactly where to adjust it and what each individual section does. With a recreation I have to make a pattern and make a mock-up before I know exactly how it all works and then I can work out how to amend it.


The pretty housemaid Tight lacing corset is done! December 20, 2009

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Using the second Draft of the pattern I put a corset together in a black cotton coutil, here she is:

Pretty housemaid tight lacing corset

Pretty housemaid tight lacing corset

She has some beautiful curves and pulls the waist in with ease.


Pretty housemaid pattern December 1, 2009

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I finally settled on a pattern to make, I went for a historical pattern in the end.

It was a recreation I have been wanting to do for years. I had a vague scaled down pattern in a book but having attempted to use this book before I was fairly certain it wouldn’t work on the first attempt. The pattern didn’t look right.

Throwing caution to the wind, I made the pattern to a friends measurements and put a mockup together. There was no point in going any further with it because it didn’t work but at least I now knew where all the weak points were and could put together a new pattern.

The mockup of the second draft worked a lot better than the first, now it was time to put together a full corset. We will soon see if it is a success.

I would love to hear questions, critisisms and coments from you.


New Corset pattern dilemma November 25, 2009

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So many ideas, so little time!

I want to make some new corset patterns, where do I start.

Do I go historical recreations, that in itself brings up a huge list. Do I go for my own modern creation, or do I combine the two and do a modern variation on something historic.

Blast, it looks like I will have to do several!