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The truth about corset liners February 21, 2010

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There appears to be a new trend in the corset world:

Corset liners

While I understand how the idea of a corset liner could be good, the fact of the matter is that you shouldn’t waste your money on one.

Corset liners are generally made of lycra or spandex, the problem with these materials is that they do not breathe. So for all this talk of how they protect your skin and the corset I would say that the opposite is true. Spandex and lycra will make you sweat especially when you put a proper corset over the top.

When it comes to underbust corsets,  most people wear them as outerwear over a shirt, this basically makes the shirt a liner. If you intend to wear it as underwear against bear skin and you are worried about damage to the corset, save your money and buy a pack of cheap Cotton vest tops. If you have a corset that is lined in cotton this will also help matters. Natural fibers allow your skin to breathe and will reduce the amount you sweat and you can generally buy 5 cotton vest tops for the price of a corset liner.

It is best to buy vest tops that are too small so that they are skin-tight. You can do this with overbusts as well. If you are worried about the vest top showing, put it on but don’t put your arms through the straps, then just fold down the excess. Another option is to just cut off the excess of the vest top you don’t want, cotton jersey generally doesn’t fray.

So there you have it, you can now “make ” a whole bunch of corset liners for next to nothing!

Best of luck, let me know what you think by commenting below.


3 Responses to “The truth about corset liners”

  1. mysteries1984 Says:

    This is excellent, thank you! I’ve just bought my first corset(s) and have been snooping about online with a view to buying a liner. All I’ve found are indeed spandex or similar. This idea is great, I’ll be buying some smaller vest tops instead. Thank you so much 🙂

  2. My thoughts exactly!!!!

  3. P.J, Says:

    Wow. That’s a good idea. I’m laying in bed, googeling around looking for a liner so I can put my beloved corset back on ( just got her back from the dry cleaner!) but this is a much cheaper and easier idea. And since I sew, i can adjust it however I need. I figured I would just use cotton tank tops (or “wife beaters” as they are called in this area, I suppose the is because they are often the attire of choice of useless slobs)

    Hopefully you still check this blog and see my comments, thanks!

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